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Training Products

Opaque Typing Masks for Keyboarding Instruction

Typing Mask Features:

  • The keyboard typing mask promotes touch typing techniques by preventing the student from seeing the keys on the keyboard. 

  • Keyboard masks stay in place during use.

  • The mask slips on and off easily allowing a computer to be used for typing instruction with the keyboard mask or for any other computer function.

  • The covers protect against liquid spills, food, oil, smoke, paper clips, pet hair, dust---any contaminant that can fall into your keyboard.

  • Keyboard covers are flexible and durable. They do not interfere with typing.

  • The covers are made of 11.5 mil thickness to provide extended durability and protection.

  • Protecting your keyboard saves money on hardware replacement. You have less down-time due to keyboard malfunction of failure.

  • Protective Keyboard Typing Masks are ideal for schools that need a masked keyboard to teach keyboarding while using the computer for other purposes.

Typing Mask Prices

Purchase 1-9 covers $ 12.95
Purchase 10 or more  $ 9.95

Note: We can supply keyboard typing masks for thousands of different keyboard models. The keyboard typing mask is a perfect fit that is designed for a specific keyboard. As a result, we do not sell the masks online. Contact our Sales Department with your keyboard brand and model number to see if we carry a typing mask for your keyboard.

Contact our Sales Department

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