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Protective Covers for Laptop Computers

We carry a line of clear Protective Keyboard Protectors for laptop computers. 

Contact our Sales Department for information on the models currently supported and pricing.

Laptop Protective Cover Features:

  • DataCal Protective Keyboard Covers stay in place during use.

  • The covers protect against liquid spills, food, oil, smoke, paper clips, pet hair, dust---any contaminant that can fall into your keyboard.

  • DataCal Protective Keyboard Covers are flexible, transparent, durable.

  • The covers are made of tough polyurethane to provide extended durability and protection.

  • The polyurethane material has a UV inhibitor to protect against yellowing.

  • The clear protective covers feature self-adhesive flaps that help seal the keyboard for maximum protection. 

  • You can close the laptop computer lid with the keyboard protector in place. The protector protects your laptop all the time---even during transit.

  • You can clean the keyboard cover with soap and water without having to remove it from the keyboard.

  • Protecting your keyboard saves money on hardware replacement. You have less down-time due to keyboard malfunction of failure.

  • DataCal Protective Keyboard Covers are ideal for home, office, schools, medical fields, automotive shops, restaurants---any place you need to protect your keyboard from contaminants.

Clear Protective
Laptop Keyboard Covers

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Protective Covers for Desktop Keyboards are available.
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Black Opaque Typing Masks are now available.
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